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Double Cheese Margherita - One of the Best Pizza in the World

Filled with super tasty Mozerella Cheese and Cheesy Paneer

Our Featured Dishes

A hugely popular margherita, with a deliciously tangy single cheese topping.

The ever-popular Margherita - loaded with extra cheese... oodies of it!

A pizza that goes ballistic on veggies! Check out this mouth watering overload of crunchy, crisp capsicum, succulent mushrooms and fresh tomatoes

A pizza loaded with crunchy onions, crisp capsicum, juicy tomatoes and jalapeno with a liberal sprinkling of exotic Mexican herbs.

Our Menu

Double Cheese Margherita190
Cheese and Tomato Pizza110
Cheese and Corn Pizza190
Paneer and Onion Pizza190
Fresh Veggie Pizza190
Spicy Delight Pizza190
Farm Fresh Pizza240
Country Feast Pizza240
Mexican Spicey Pizza240
Spicey Paneer Pizza240
Pepper Pizza300
Deluxe Veggie Pizza300
Veggie Supreme Pizza300
Veggie Paradise Pizza300
Cloud 9 Pizza300
Paneer Makhani190
Fresh Makhani Pizza190
Pizza Hubb Special Makhani Pizza300
Paneer Special Pizza100
Spicy Pizza100
Loaded Pizza120
Onion Pizza80
Capsicum Pizza80
Tomato Pizza80
Corn Pizza80
Onion and Capsicum Pizza100
Corn and Tomato Pizza100
Onion and Paneer Pizza100
Capsicum and Paneer Pizza100
White Italiano Pasta120
Red Italiano Pasta120
Garlic Breadsticks80
Stuffed Garlic Bread100
Calzone Pocket100
Mexican Wrap100
Cheesy Dip20
Burger Pizza70
Minute Mad Shake (150 ml)20
Mazza Shake (150 ml)20
Oreogasm Shake110
Choco & Brownie Shake110
Sprite (750 ml)60
Thums Up (750 ml)60
Fanta (750 ml)60
Coke Pop Can (180 ml)30
Thums Up Pop Can (180 ml)30
Coke Can (300 ml)40
Sprite Can (300 ml)40
Thumps Up (400 ml)40
Sprite (400 ml)40
Mazza (600 ml)55
Mineral Water (1 litre)25